Sat 15th June Charlbury 2nd vs Bicester & North Oxford 2nd

Bicester & North Oxford 2nd 119-3 (19 overs)


On a dull day Charlbury travelled to Chesterton for their division 7 clash. Charlbury bowled first and so Kieran and Alex opened the bowling. There had been rain around all week with a shower in the morning and the forecast for the day was not good. Charlbury got off to a fabulous start as early on Kieran found the edge and Andy did the rest in taking a good catch. Kieran had settled into a great line and length from the off and with his movement off of the pitch he was causing some problems for the batsmen. Alex too had settled into a good line and length and caused a few early problems. A couple of overs later things got even better for Charlbury as Kieran clean bowled the new batsman to leave Bicester two wickets down. The early morning rain meant the outfield was still a little damp and with the ball hit over a few times it started to become damp as well, making it harder to hold as well as stopping any movement. The batsmen now started to attack, running hard for every run and despite the fielders best efforts a couple of boundaries were hit. After ten overs a change in the bowling was made with Abi replacing Alex. Light rain was now beginning to fall, but not enough to take the players off. The batsmen now started to attack hard and several more boundaries were found, Charlbury would need more wickets if they were to stem the flow of runs. More changes in the bowling were made as Andy entered the attack for an over and then Mark came into the attack to see if spin could change things around. Mark was hit for a couple of early boundaries, but got his revenge when the new batsman continued to attack him, miss-hit his shot and skied the ball for a catch to be taken. The rain was now coming down heavier and so the over was finished and the players left the field. After about an hour off of the field and with rain still falling it was agreed the match could not continue and was abandoned.


Charlbury 2nd 7 points