Fantasy League 2021



  1. A team of 11 players to be selected.
  2. Overall value of each team must not exceed 450 points.
  3. Each run scores 1 point plus a bonus of 50 for scoring 50 and 100 for scoring 100.
  4. Every 6 hit, where recorded, will give an additional 20 points. Each 4, where recorded, will score 5 points.
  5. Each wicket taken scores 10 points plus a bonus of 50 for taking 5 wickets in an innings and 100 for taking a hat-trick or for taking 10 wickets in an innings.
  6. Each maiden over bowled scores 5 points.
  7. Each stumping scores 35 points. Each catch scores 20 points.
  8. Every game played will score one point  long as one delivery is bowled.
  9. Women’s league games now count and each team must have a minimum of two female players.
  10. Results will be taken from fully recorded weekend matches only.
  11. The league will start with the first league matches of the 2019 season.
  12. All teams and fees to be handed in by 3rd June 2019.
  13. Teams and fees to be handed in to P.Ford or any of the club captains or vice captains or e-mailed to .
  14. Cost of entry is £2.00 per team with no limit on how may teams you can put in.
  15. The league will finish with the last weekend matches of the 2019 season.
  16. All decisions taken by the organisers are final.
  17. First prize is £25.00, 2nd prize is £15.00 and 3rd prize is £10.00, these will be awarded to the first three people (no-one will win more than one prize). The prize will be shared if two or more teams finish tied.