Youth Fixtures | 2018

Under 11 Fixtures

 Date Fixture  Time  Result 
 29th April  No fixture
 6th May  Great Tew (H)  10.00
 13th May  Oxford Downs (A)  10.00
20th May  Cumnor CC (H)  10.00
27th May  No fixture
3rd June  Shipton (A)  10.00
10th June  Oxford Downs (H) to be rearranged  10.00
17th June  Minster Lovell (A)  10.00
24th June  Great Tew (A)  10.00
1st July  Cumnor CC (A)  10.00
10th July  Shipton (H)  10.00
15th July  Minster (H) to be rearranged  10.00

Under 11 Fixtures Super 8’s (normally U10 group)

 Date Fixture  Time  Result 
29th April  No fixture
6th May  No fixture
13th May  Kidlington (H)  10.00
20th May  Chadlington (A)  10.00
27th May  No fixture
3rd June  Sandford St Martin (A)  10.00
10th june  Chadlington (H) – to be rearranged  10.00
17th june  Kidlington (A)  10.00
24th June  No fixture
1st July  Sandford St Martin (H)  10.00
8th July  Great Tew (A) 10.00
15th July  Great Tew (H) – to be rearranged  10.00

Under 13 Fixtures Super 8’s (normally Girls group)

 Date Fixture  Time  Result 
3rd May  Sandord St Martin (H)  6.00  Walkover Win
10th May  Chadlington (A)  6.00  Won
17th May  Great Tew (H)  6.00  Won
24th May  Sandford St Martin (A)  6.00  Walkover Win
31st May  No fixture
7th June  Great Tew (A)  6.00  To be rearranged
21st June  Chadlington (H)  6.00

Under 13’s  A League Fixtures

 Date Fixture  Time  Result 
1st May  Oxford B (H)  6.00
10th May  Stonesfield (A)  6.00  Won
17th May  Minster (H)  6.00  Lost
24th May  Shipton (A)  6.00  Lost
31st May  No game
7th June  Minster (A)  6.00
14th June  Stonesfield (H)  6.00
21st June  Oxford B (A)  6.00
28th June  No game
5th July  Shipton (A)  6.00
12th July  No game  6.00

Under 13 B Fixtures

 Date Fixture  Time  Result 
 3rd May   Minster (A) Friendly  6.00  Won
10th May   Great Tew (H)  6.00  Lost
17th May  Bicester & North (A)  6.00  Won
24th May  Chipping Norton (H)  6.00  Won
31st May  No game
7th June  Bicester & North (H)  6.00  Won
14th June  Great Tew (A)  6.00
21st June  No game
28th June  Hook Norton (H)  6.00
5th July  Chipping Norton (A)  6.00
12th July  Hook Norton (A)  6.00