Sat 8th June Charlbury vs Brackley

Charlbury 131 (37.1 overs)

Ben Geeson-Brown 30


Brackley 132-4 (32.1 overs)


Charlbury won the toss and elected to bat first. After some early morning rain the game was delayed by around about an hour and so it was reduced to 41 overs a side. The brothers Nash, Tom and Richard, opened the batting. Things did not go well as in the second over Richard missed one and was bowled, bringing Sam to the crease. Tom got the scoreboard moving by hitting three twos in one over. The outfield was sluggish after the mornings rain and so the batsmen would have to run hard to get value for their shots. After six overs Brackley changed their bowling around from one end. The change an immediate impact as Tom miss-hit one delivery straight back at the bowler and he was caught. Ben now entered the fray. Both batsmen ran hard for ones and twos to keep the scoreboard ticking over. After eight overs Charlbury were 24-2. In the ninth over a quick two was attempted, but an accurate throw over the stumps saw Sam just run out meaning Charlie now came to the wicket. Both batsmen now had to make sure Charlbury did not lose any more wickets. Ben hit the first boundary, powerfully cutting the ball thru the covers. In the same bowler’s next over Ben drove him for yet another boundary as the Charlbury score started to accelerate. Ben was looking good at the crease, always on the lookout for a run whilst also defending the many good deliveries. Charlie too was looking good as he stroked ones and twos around on both sides of the wicket. After 16 overs Charlbury were 60-3 as Brackley made a double change in the bowling, bringing on two new bowlers. The change in bowling once again worked as Ben edged one to slip and was caught for a fine 30. Tom Eaton now came to the crease. All of the Brackley bowlers had dropped into good lines and lengths and Charlbury were not finding it easy to score runs. Charlie was still looking good, keeping the good deliveries out whilst always on the lookout for ones and twos. Tom started slowly, pushing a couple of singles around, but always watchful for the good delivery. Charlie clattered a delivery to the boundary on the off-side, then in the next over flicked one off of his legs for another boundary as Charlbury reached 80-4 off of 24 overs. Then disaster struck as Tom missed one and was bowled. Matt Lyver now came to the crease and quickly picked up a couple of fours with some powerful hitting. The hundred mark had now been passed and the overs were now starting to run out. Then disaster struck. First Charlie edged one to the wicket-keeper and was caught for a good 26. Then last ball of the over Matt was wrapped on the pads and given out adjudged LBW. Bimalka and Barry were now at the crease. After 32 overs Charlbury had reached 112-7. A double change in the bowling was now forced as both bowlers had bowled their allotted spells. A new bowler came on and also one of the opening bowlers. The new bowler made a quick impact as he had Barry caught after a miss-hit. Matt Doran now joined Bimalka at the crease. With the overs running out fast Bimalka tried to play a few shots to try and pick up a few extra runs. Bimalka hit out at one on the off-side, but could only hit the ball straight to a fielder and was caught meaning last man Jake entered the fray. The innings was soon over as Matt was wrapped on the pads and given out adjudged LBW leaving Charlbury 131 all out.


Charlbury would have to bowl well if they were to win the game. The two Matts, Lyver and Doran, opened the bowling. It took a couple of overs for both bowlers to find their lengths and lines as one batsman took the attack to them from the off. Once they had both settled down both bowlers started to bowl some good deliveries and cause some problems for the bowlers. The outfield had dried out a lot in the afternoon sun, with a strong breeze as well and so the ball flew over the outfield and fours were easier to come by. Charlbury were fielding well, diving around to stop the ball and keeping the boundary count down. After eight overs Brackley had reached 45-0 with one batsman doping the bulk of the scoring, Charlbury would need him out quickly if they were to get anything from the game. A double change in the bowling was made as Ben and Jake entered the attack. The hard hitting batsman continued to attack and found a couple more boundaries. Then Charlbury got a breakthru. Jake wrapped one batsman on the pads and he was given out adjudged LBW. Then last ball of the over the new batsman edged the ball and wicket-keeper Barry took the catch. Bimalka now replaced Ben in the attack as Charlbury searched for more wickets. Jake had settled into a great line and length, getting the ball to nip around off of the pitch. Bimalka also had settled into a great line and length and was causing problems for all the batsmen, with none of them willing to take a risk against him. In his third over Bimalka wrapped a batsman on the pads and he was given out adjudged LBW. In his next over Charlbury got the wicket they needed. The hard hitting batsman took a couple of steps down the wicket at Bimalka, but missed the ball and was bowled, Charlbury  were back in the game as Brackley slid to 86-4. A change in the bowling was made as Jake left the attack and Charlie entered it. Charlbury were bowling and fielding well, so the Brackley batsmen contented themselves with just pushing a few ones and twos around. After 24 overs Brackley had reached 104-4 and so Bimalka came out of the attack and Matt Doran re-entered it. Matt started off bowling a great spell, getting the ball to move around a bit and getting the batsmen to play and miss a few times. Charlbury were trying to pressure the batsmen, but the ball kept just clearing heads or falling short. As the overs ticked by and the runs kept coming the batsmen started to grow in more confidence. Another change in the bowling was made as Charlie left the attack, after a good spell and Sam entered it. The game was nearly over now and a couple of fours saw Brackley win by six wickets.


Player of the match: Matt Doran


Charlbury 3 points