Sat 25th May Charlbury vs Kimble

Charlbury 282 (49.3 overs)

Tom Nash 55

Ben Geeson-Brown 82


Kimble 119 (38 overs)

Bimalka Liyanarachchi 3-18

Charlie Sinton 5-27


Charlbury won the toss and elected to bat first. On a nice, warm day Charlbury batted first and so Tom Nash and Ajit opened the batting and got Charlbury off to  reasonable start. Ajit hit the first ball he faced to the boundary for four to get the scoreboard moving. A slight slope in the outfield meant if the batsman got a good contact with the ball then it would race away and this is exactly what Ajit did in the second over, guiding the ball down to third man. The next couple of overs saw both batsmen running hard to pick up some singles and twos. Tom drilled one thru the covers and the ball sped to the boundary as Charlbury reached 23-0 off of 6 overs. In the next over Ajit hit out at another delivery, but hit the ball straight to a fielder and was caught which brought Ben Sinton to the wicket. Tom was batting well, defending the good deliveries whilst also always on the lookout for the quick single. Tom hit another boundary four, then Ben got off the mark with a straight four. After 12 overs a change in the bowling was made as a slow bowler entered the attack. To start with both batsmen looked to push the new bowler around for ones and twos before Ben launched him back over his head for a one bounce four. In the slow bowler’s next over Ben launched him out of the ground for a six as Charlbury reached 53-1 off of 16 overs. After 20 overs a change in the bowling was made as the opening bowler finished his allotted ten over spell and another slow bowler entered the attack. In the new bowlers first over he struck Ben on the pads and he was given out adjudged LBW. Ben Geeson-Brown now joined his captain at the wicket. Ben was busy at the wicket from the off , quickly off the mark with a two before hammering a couple of straight fours. A no-ball was bowled and Tom smashed the free hit straight back over the bowlers head for four. The second change bowler now took a bit of stick from Ben as he flicked and pushed a couple more boundaries and so Kimble had to make another change in the bowling. The new bowler was a left-armer who quickly settled into a reasonable line. Another no-ball was bowled and this time Ben launched the free hit for four. The left arm bowler got his line wrong, bowled one down the leg side and Ben flicked it off his legs and over the boundary for  six. Tom pushed a quick single and reached a well deserved fifty as Charlbury reached 122-2 off of 31 overs. The slow bowler had now finished his spell and so a new bowler entered the attack. The new bowler could not get his line and length right throughout his spell and this allowed Ben to smash him through the covers for four. Next delivery Ben pushed a quick single which took him to a well deserved fifty. In the next over, looking for quick runs, Tom hit out at one, but could only find a fielder and was caught for a good 55. Charlie now entered the fray, but was not there too long as he edged one off of the left-armer and was caught by the wicket-keeper with a juggled catch. Matt Lyver now came to the crease. Both players ran hard for every run and with Ben hitting a couple of boundaries the score continued to mount at a good rate. Then in the 40th over disaster struck. First Matt was bowled bringing Tom Eaton to the crease. The newest bowler to attack could still not get his line right and was bowling a plethora of wides, but when he did get it right he surprised Tom and clean bowled him leaving Charlbury 198-6. Bimalka now joined Ben at the wicket. In the next over the 200 mark was passed with Ben still looking in top form. The inaccurate bowler kept on claiming victims as Bimalka miss-hit one and it lobbed up for a diving catch by the bowler. One of the opening bowlers now re-entered the attack. Ben hit the opener for a great four, but in trying to do so again next ball he hit it straight up in the air and was caught for a great 82. Jake was now at the crease with Abi. Abi flicked one up in the air and was caught leaving Charlbury 219-9 in the 44th over. Matt Doran now came to the crease. The batsmens orders were to see the overs out and this is what they set out to do. Jake just looked for the quick single to give Matt the strike. Matt launched the opening bowler straight back for a couple for boundary fours to keep the score moving. Both players ran hard and with another boundary four a piece suddenly the score went passed the 250 mark. Eventually Matt was out trying to flick one off his pads, but could only find a close fielder and with 12 penalty runs for not bowling quick enough Charlbury finished on a huge 282.


Charlbury were going to have to bowl well on a good batting wicket if they were to win the game. The two Matts, Lyver and Doran, opened the bowling. In the first few overs the batsmen attacked the bowling, trying to stop either bowler finding a good length and line. Matt Lyver was struggling to bowl from one end and so he came out of the attack and Jake replaced him. Now Charlbury slowly started to exert some control over the scoring. Matt Doran was bowling a great line and length, but got no luck despite beating the bat on numerous occasions. Jake quickly found a god line and length and both batsmen found him tough to get away for many runs. After ten overs Kimble had reached 41-0 and were still very much in the game. The overs ticked by with no wickets falling, but Charlbury were managing to keep the runs down. Matt finished his great seven over spell and so Bimalka now entered the attack. One more over later Jake finished his spell and Charlie entered the attack. Both spinners instantly bowled a great line and length and kept the pressure on the batsmen. the pressure finally told as one batsman tried to hit Bimalka over the top, but could only find Ben Sinton stood at mid-off and the catch was taken. The other opening batsman kept on trying to play his shots and found a couple of twos and a boundary four to keep the score moving along. Then Bimalka struck again. The new batsman danced down the pitch, missed the ball and was bowled leaving Kimble 81-2 off of 22 overs. The next over was a big one for Charlbury. The opening batsman tried to smash Charlie over the top, but Ben, stood at mid-off, stretched out a hand above his head and the ball stuck for a fantastic catch. Then last ball of the over the new batsman flicked the ball up into the air for Matt Lyver to take a good catch. Charlbury were now all over Kimble. A couple of maiden overs were bowled as Charlbury continued to exert all the pressure on the batsmen. Charlbury were fielding really well, diving everywhere to stop the ball. Charlie grabbed the next wicket when he clean bowled a batsman, then in his next over he wrapped a batsman on the pads and he was given out adjudged LBW. 89-6 off of 29 overs meant Kimble were now just looking for batting point and respectability. Charlie grabbed the seventh wicket when he bowled a batsman. In the next over Bimalka got his third victim when Matt Doran took a good close in catch. The batsmen now played a few overs out, just pushing singles and hitting one boundary. Bimalka finished his spell and with Charlie coming off as well it meant the two Matts returned to the attack. The game did not last long now as in his second over back Matt Lyver clean bowled on batsman, then lst ball of the over did the same to the new batsman and Kimble were all out for 119.


A great win for the first team, built on the innings of Ben and Tom and a great finish from Matt and Jake. Then the spin twins of Bimalka and Charlie tore thru the Kimble batting – well played lads and lass.

Player of the match: Ben Geeson-Brown

Charlbury 25 points