Sat 12th May Charlbury 2nd vs Challow & Childrey 3rd

Challow and Childrey 3rd 217-9 (45 overs)

Andy Glass 6-53


Charlbury 2nd 61-4 (20 overs)


Charlbury travelled to Wantage for their clash with Challow 3rd. Challow batted first and so the two Matt’s, Doran and Lyver, opened the bowling. One of the batsmen went for it from the off and found several early boundaries. The score started to rise quickly, but then Charlbury got the breakthrough. A quick single was taken, but a mix-up in the calling saw one batsman stranded and the run out completed. The hard hitting batsman was still there and he was joined by another batsman who also began attacking the bowling. Matt Lyver left the attack and Charlie entered the attack. Matt Doran was bowling a good spell, getting the ball to move around a bit and keeping the score down slightly. A double change in the bowling was made So Ellie and Andy now entered the attack as Charlbury searched for their second wicket. Ellie dropped straight into a great line and length and started to cause a few problems for both of the batsmen. Andy too dropped into a good line and length and with a bit of movement the batsmen were less certain how to play the ball. The overs ticked by and the runs kept on coming, Charlbury were becoming desperate for the breakthrough wicket. The hundred mark was breached and still only one wicket down. Then Ellie made the breakthrough when the hard-hitting opening batsmen missed the ball and was bowled. Andy was bowling a fine display and had been unlucky not to have picked up a wicket, but a couple of overs later he grabbed his first victim when he clean bowled the new batsman to leave Challow 122-3. Charlbury were now getting back into the game as they slowed the run rate down. The fielding was good and was backing up the excellent bowling. A couple more boundaries were hit, but then Andy struck again as he clean bowled the new batsman. The overs were now beginning to run out and so the Challow batsmen had to try and play a few more shots which gave Charlbury the chance to pick up more wickets. Ellie finished her great spell so Ben now entered the attack. The batsmen were now running for most things as they pushed hard to set a defendable score. The runs started to come a little quicker, but then Charlbury grabbed the wicket they needed. The number three batsman was starting to hit the ball around, but when he missed one from Andy he was bowled. Ben was causing some problems for the batsmen, getting the ball to move around and using variations in pace. The new batsman tried to hit out at one of Andy’s deliveries, missed and was bowled. Things got even better for Charlbury in Andy’s next over as first he clean bowled the set batsman and then before the over was out he had bowled the new batsman as well to pick up his sixth victim of the innings. Matt Doran now re-entered the attack. The last couple of overs saw lots of quick running, but Matt bowled the opposition captain for his first wicket of the day. At the end of the innings Challow finished on 217-4.


Charlbury were going to need to bat well if they were to reach their target. Ajit and Paul opened the batting and got Charlbury off to a good start. Both batsmen looked to push the ball around for a few singles and the odd two. Paul was the more attacking batsman and he found a couple of early boundary fours. Ajit was playing his usual game, blocking the good deliveries while trying to push a few singles around to keep the scoreboard ticking over. The score was moving along slowly, but Charlbury were just about up with the required rate. After eight overs a double change in the bowling was made. Both the new bowlers slipped straight into a good line and length and started to cause more problems for the batsmen. Then disaster struck as Paul mis-hit one and was caught. Andy now entered the fray. Things got even worse for Charlbury in the next over as Ajit edged one to the wicket-keeper and was caught. Richard now joined Andy at the crease. Richard was quickly off the mark with a boundary four. The run rate started to drop as the bowlers started to bowl a tighter line. Richard then missed one and was bowled leaving Charlbury 39-3. Neil now came to the wicket. Andy and Neil now just saw off a few overs so that Charlbury did not lose any more quick wickets. Some light rain now began falling. Another double change in the bowling was made after sixteen overs. The change had an immediate effect as Neil was wrapped on the pads and given out adjudged LBW. Charlie now came to the crease as the rain started to get harder. The players stayed out for a few more overs, but eventually it became too hard to continue so with the Charlbury score at 61-4 off twenty overs it was agreed to abandon the game as a draw.


Charlbury 2nd 12 points