Sat 7th July Charlbury 2nd vs Oxford Downs 3rd

Charlbury 2nd 190-7 (45 overs)

Andy Glass 77 not out


Oxford Downs 3rd 181 (43 overs)

Matt Doran 5-44

Ellie Norton 3-54


On a hot day Charlbury batted first and so Richard and Michael opened the batting and got Charlbury off to a good start. Both batsmen started slowly in the first few overs as they just tried to get themselves in. Richard started cautiously, looking to defend the many good deliveries, but also looking for the single when he could. Michael attacked slightly more and found a couple of boundaries to get the score moving along. After eight overs a change in the bowling was made from one end. Both batsmen were looking comfortable, pushing singles and twos around to keep the scoreboard moving along. Then disaster struck as Michael miss-hit one and was caught. Matt Lyver now entered the fray. Richard was looking good at the crease and managed to find a boundary four. Next over Richard edged one and was caught meaning the captain, Andy had to enter the fray. Both batsmen now just looked to push a few singles around to keep the scoreboard ticking over whilst also trying to make sure Charlbury did not lose any more quick wickets. Downs were bowling well and with their fielders backing the bowlers up it was not going to be easy to score runs. Matt was looking confident at the wicket, defending anything on the stumps, but looking to attack anything else. Andy too was batting well, always looking for the single, but also hitting a couple of boundary fours. A change in the bowling was made from one end, but the new bowler did not settle as Matt decided to go on the attack. Matt hit a couple of fours off of the new bowler’s first over and then Andy hit a couple of off his second to get the score moving. The new bowler was quickly replaced by another new bowler. The new bowler dropped onto a much better length and line. Matt tried to attack the new bowler, but could only hit the ball straight to a fielder and was caught for a good 28. Then disaster struck as first new batsman Matt Doran was bowled and then before the end of the over his replacement, Neil was caught by the wicket-keeper. Nathan now came to the wicket as another change in the bowling was made. Nathan now entered the fray. Andy was still batting well and found another couple of fours. Nathan hit a boundary, but shortly afterwards he was caught and Charlbury were six wickets down as Paul Jenkins strode to the crease. Paul just looked to give Andy the strike and let him score the bulk of the runs. The overs were ticking by and the hundred mark had been passed. Andy was looking better and better with every over that went by. Both batsmen were running hard for every run. Andy hit another four and reached a well deserved fifty. The score had now moved along, but then Paul was hit and decided he needed to go off and so he retired hurt. The overs were now running out fast as Liam came to join his captain at the crease. Andy took the bulk of the strike and pushed hard for home so that Charlbury could set a defendable target. A change in the bowling was made as the first change bowler re-entered the attack. Liam hit a four off of the new bowler, but in trying to repeat the feat he was caught. Ian now came to the crease for the final few overs and Charlbury eventually finished on 190-8.


Charlbury would have to bowl well if they were to win the game and so Matt Doran and Liam opened the bowling. Liam started off well, bowling a good length and line and getting some movement off of the pitch. Matt too was bowling well, getting some bounce on the hard wicket. Both bowlers settled quickly and put some pressure onto the batsmen. One batsman hit a boundary four, but next over Matt got him when he found a way thru his defences and bowled him. Charlbury were fielding well, diving around trying to stop the ball going to the boundary on the fast outfield. Matt then clean bowled the new batsman and then in his next over he clean bowled his replacement as well. Charlbury were in charge with three early wickets and now it was time to keep the pressure on. A change in the bowling was made as Matt finished his seven over spell and was replaced by Paul. Paul as still feeling the effects of his earlier retirement and did not bowl for long and so a double change was made as Ellie and Andy entered the attack. Both bowlers quickly dropped into a great line and length and started to cause the batsmen a few problems. Downs were slightly behind where they needed to be and so would have to start attacking if they were to get close. One batsman started to hit out and found a couple of boundaries to start the fightback. The batsman tried one shot too many and Andy had his man when he clean bowled him. The opening batsman was still there and Charlbury would need him out if they were to win the game. Then Ellie grabbed a wicket when she clean bowled the new batsman, Charlbury were still in the game. The batsmen continued to attack and it was starting to look like Charlbury would have to bowl Downs out if they were to win the game. The overs were running out and Downs were getting closer to victory. Then Charlbury got the wicket they wanted when Ellie had the opening batsman caught. Six wickets down and Charlbury seemed to be wrestling control back, but the Downs batsman had other ideas and continued to attack. Andy left the attack and Matt re-entered it. Ellie then had another batsman caught and Charlbury thought they were finally in charge. Matt then picked up two quick wickets. First he had a batsman caught and then in his next over he clean bowled the new batsman. The last two batsmen at the crease and still plenty of runs required, but still Downs fought back. The runs continued to come and with a fast outfield a few boundaries were hit. The score was getting closer and closer and Charlbury now started to worry as Downs started to believe they could win. Matt finished his second spell and so Liam re-entered the attack. Ten runs needed for victory and still a couple of overs left so it was all to play for. Then the last man tried to play a big shot, missed the ball and Liam bowled meaning Charlbury won by nine runs.


A great win for the seconds built on a fabulous innings from Andy and then Ellie and Matt took the wickets to win the game – well played lads and ladies.


Charlbury 2nd 25 points