Sat 14th July Charlbury vs Shipton-Under-Wychwood

Shipton-Under-Wychwood 169 (53 overs)

Jake Godfrey 6-52


Charlbury 172-3 (34.3 overs)

Tom Harris 100 not out


Shipton won the toss and on a very hot day elected to bat first. Barry and Bimalka opened the bowling for Charlbury and got them off to a good start. Barry dropped straight on the mark from ball one, getting the ball move around a bit off the pitch which made the batsmen play and miss several times. Bimalka also dropped into a great line and length, getting some turn and bounce which made run scoring difficult from the off. After eight overs Shipton were 5-0 as the Charlbury bowlers sought to strangle the life out of the innings. Charlbury were fielding well, backing their bowlers up which made run scoring even harder. After ten overs a change in the bowling was made as Barry made way for Paul. Bimalka was bowling a great spell and both the batsmen were struggling to get him away. Paul was quickly into a good line and length and kept all the pressure on the batsmen. Bimalka then came out of the attack and Jake entered it. An over later Paul left the attack and Tom Harris entered it. After 20 overs Shipton had reached 26-0 and although they were not scoring quickly they had set a good foundation on which to build. Finally the breakthru was made when a miss-field off of one of Jake’s deliveries saw the batsmen run, but Tom Harris made a quick recovery, threw the ball to Steve and he executed the run out. Two young batsmen now at the crease and they began to play a few more shots and run harder for every run. A double change in the bowling was made as Charlbury sought to take more wickets, so Ollie and Barry came on to bowl. First ball of Ollie’s spell and he grabbed a wicket when he found the outside edge and Steve took a good catch behind the stumps. With such a slow start the batsmen now had to attack hard and with Charlbury keeping an attacking field plus a very fast outfield the runs started to come. After 30 overs Shipton had moved onto 79-2 and would now need to push on hard for the remainder of their innings. Ollie then grabbed his second victim of the day when he bowled one batsman. Another double change in the bowling was made as Bimalka and Jake both returned to the attack. Both bowlers immediately dropped into an immaculate line and length, giving very little away and making the batsmen do all the work. Jake then grabbed his first wicket when he found the edge of the bat and Barry took a sharp catch at slip leaving Shipton 108-4 off of 37 overs. The overs were now running out and so the batsmen had to play more shots and try and take some risks if they were going to set a defendable total. The batsmen were running hard for every single trying to turn as many as they could into twos. Bimalka was bowling a good spell and still causing problems for all the batsmen. Jake had now settled into a great line and length, giving very little away whilst also posing a threat with virtually every ball. Jake wrapped one batsman on the pads and he was given out LBW then in his next over he found the edge of the bat and Steve took a good catch leaving Shipton 135-6 off of 45 overs. Shipton had to keep on pressing for runs and this started to give Charlbury chances to take wickets. One batsman dragged his back found out of his ground and Steve made a great stumping off of Jake to give him his fourth wicket of the game. Next over things got even better when Bimalka wrapped a batsman on the pads and he was given out adjudged LBW. Bimalka had now finished his great 17 over spell and so Ollie had to come on for one over. Jake bowled the last over and it was a great one. Early on he clean bowled one batsman to leave Shipton nine wickets down and then last ball of the innings the last man tried to hit Jake for six, but could only find Tom Harris on the boundary who took a great catch to give Jake his sixth victim of the day and to leave Shipton all out for 169.


Charlbury were going to have to bat well if they were going to win the game. The two Tom’s opened the batting, Harris and Nash, and got Charlbury off to a good start. Tom Harris started it off by cracking a four in the first over before Tom Nash flicked one on the leg side for four in the second. The third over was good for Charlbury as the bowler bowled a bit short on the leg-side and Tom Harris stroked him for three boundaries in the over and then hit another in the next for good measure to take Charlbury to 26-0 off of four overs. Finally the bowlers started to find their length and line which made run scoring slightly harder. Then disaster struck as Tom Nash was wrapped on the pads and given out adjudged LBW. Ajit now entered the fray. Tom Harris was batting superbly well, stroking the ball around on both sides of the wicket, but also defending where necessary. Ajit started in his usual fashion, defending the good balls, but also always on the lookout for the quick single. Ajit then suddenly attacked one bowler, hitting him back over his head for two fours in one over as Charlbury continued to keep the pressure on the bowlers. Both batsmen hit another four a piece over the next couple of over to take Charlbury to 57-1 off only 12 overs. A double change in the bowling was now made. The change an immediate impact as a mix-up in the calling saw Ajit stranded in the middle of the wicket and run out. Bimalka now joined Tom at the wicket. Bimalka started slowly, just making sure no more quick wickets fell. Tom continued to attack any bowling he felt was loose, finding another four before Bimalka also smashed one delivery to the boundary. Tom was now looking in top form, stroking the ball around all over the ground, but also playing cautiously against the slower bowlers. A double change in the bowling was made as a new bowler came on from one end and the spinner moved to the other end. After 20 overs Charlbury were half way on 85-2 and just needed to keep going in order to win the game. Tom drove another delivery to the boundary to bring up a well deserved fifty. Then disaster struck as next over Bimalka got an inside edge which cannoned into his stumps and he was out bowled. Josh now entered the fray. Charlbury continued to press hard, running lots of quick singles to keep the pressure on the fielding side. Josh found a four when he drove one shot back over the bowler’s head. Tom was also pushing hard, running quick twos, but also finding the odd boundary. After 30 overs Charlbury had reached 130-3 and Shipton decided to change the bowling around and bring on a new bowler. The new bowler proved to bee costly as Tom hit his first delivery for four and then launched the next one out of the ground for six. Last ball of the over and Josh joined in the fun when he smashed a big six. Both batsmen continued to press hard in the next over with both players finding a boundary four. The new bowler continued and Tom smashed him for another couple of fours as Charlbury started to race to the victory line. A signal went out that Tom was nearing his hundred and so Josh played out a maiden over. Next over the game was won when Tom hit a boundary four and this also brought up his hundred.


A great win for the lads built on a great bowling display from Barry, Bimalka and Jake (who bowled eleven overs on the bounce) and then a great innings from Tom Harris saw Charlbury home – well played lads.


Charlbury 22 points