Sat 2nd Sept Charlbury vs East & West Hendred

East & West Hendred 95 (37.4 overs)

Jake Godfrey 3-21

Ian Johnston 3-30


Charlbury 97-1 (17.1 overs)

Ashley Rump 49 not out


Charlbury travelled to East Hendred for their title decider. East & West Hendred won the toss and elected to bat first. Jake and Ian opened the bowling for Charlbury and got them off to a great start. The first couple of overs were tight as both bowlers quickly dropped into a great line and length. First ball of the third over and Jake found the edge of the bat and Barry, fielding at first slip, took a great catch. After six overs Hendred were 15-1. Jake was bowling a great spell, getting the ball to nip around a bit and causing lots of problems for all the batsmen. Ian too was bowling a great spell, using his extra pace and swing to make the batsmen play and miss several times. Then Charlbury grabbed their second wicket when Jake again found the edge and this time Bimalka took a good slip catch. Charlbury were backing up their great bowling display with a magnificent display in the field, with all the fielders chasing every ball and making many fine diving stops. The Hendred batsmen tried to play a few shots and were scoring some runs, but Charlbury were really keeping them under pressure. Jake then grabbed his fourth wicket when he wrapped a batsman on the pads and he was given out adjudged LBW. Next over things got even better for Charlbury as Ian got his first wicket. Ian had been bowling the ball to swing away from the batsmen, but when he brought one back in, the batsman missed it and was bowled leaving Hendred 26-4 off twelve overs. Charlbury were in control of the game and as long as they did not ease up then they should be able to keep the Hendred score down to a manageable one on a good pitch. The batsmen now tried to break the shackles that Charlbury were imposing on them by hitting out at a few deliveries and they managed to find a couple of boundary fours. Ian then broke the partnership that was starting to develop. The batsman tried to smash a delivery from Ian over long-off, but the ball hit the bottom of the bat and he skied it, Stuart got under the ball and gratefully took the catch. A change in the bowling was now made as Bimalka replaced Jake in the attack. Bimalka started well by bowling several early maidens which kept all the pressure on the batsmen. Ian bowled one more over and then was replaced by Ollie. After 20 overs Hendred had reached 42-5 and were going to need to go some if they were to set a defendable total. Ollie had slipped into a good line and length and was getting the ball to move around a bit. Bimalka had settled into his usual miserly line and length, giving the batsmen nothing to hit. The overs ticked by with hardly any runs coming. Then Bimalka grabbed his first wicket when the batsman missed one of his deliveries and he was bowled. After 30 overs Hendred had reached 71-6 and with the overs now starting to run out they needed to try and get a move on with their score. Ollie now left the attack after a great six over spell and was replaced by Stuart. Stuart made an immediate impact with the ball when last ball of his first over the batsman played the ball into the ground and it bounced back and hit his stumps to leave him bowled. Bimalka also left the attack and Ian re-entered it as Charlbury looked to finish off the Hendred innings quickly. Stuart had settled into a good length and line, bowling with pace and aggression and causing problems for the batsmen. Stuart then got his second wicket when he clean bowled one batsman to leave Hendred eight wickets down. Next over Ian grabbed his third wicket of the day when he bowled a Yorker to clean bowl the new batsman leaving Hendred 91-9 off 36 overs. Ian had now finished his great twelve over spell and so Bimalka re-entered the attack. It did not take long to finish off the innings as when Bimalka wrapped the last man on the pads he was given out adjudged LBW and Hendred were all out for 95.


Charlbury now knew they needed 96 runs to secure the title. Tom Nash and Graham opened the batting and Graham was quickly away with a hard run two. Two balls later Graham was wrapped on the pads and given out adjudged LBW, maybe this would be harder than Charlbury were hoping for. Ashley now entered the fray and started off how he meant to go on. Ashley hammered his first two deliveries to the boundary for four. Tom started to second over well when he cut the bowler to the boundary for four. Slowly the bowlers started to find a better line and length and started to make run scoring slightly harder. Tom then played a glorious cover drive that flew to the boundary for four to take Charlbury to 27-1 off five overs. Hendred now changed their bowling around from one end, but it made little difference to Ashley who smashed the new bowler for four. Tom was looking in good form as he stroked the ball around, playing defensively when needed, but hitting runs off anything loose. Ashley was looking in top form from the off, hammering fours for fun, but defending the good balls as well. Tom then cut another delivery to the boundary for four as Charlbury continued to press on hard for victory. After ten overs Charlbury had reached 49-1 and were more than half way to their target. A change in bowling was now made as one opening bowler left the attack and the other re-entered it. Ashley took an immediate liking to the change of ends for the opening bowler, smashing him for two fours in his first over and then repeating the dose in his next. After 14 overs Charlbury had reached 73-1 and they were in total control of the game. Hendred again changed their bowling around , taking the opening bowler off and bringing on a young leg spinner. Charlbury’s score was also being helped by a few extras pushing the score along quite quickly. Ashley was now in full flow and hammered a couple of boundaries of the spinner to take Charlbury to the brink of victory. The game was won first ball of the 18th over when Tom missed one delivery, the keeper also missed it and the ball flew off for four byes giving Charlbury victory by nine wickets and more importantly ensuring they were division one champions for the first time.


A great win for the lads built on and all round fantastic bowling and fielding display and then great knocks from Tom and Ashley saw Charlbury home – well played lads.


Well that is the end of a magnificent season for the club culminating in us winning the top flight for the first time ever. I would just like to say thank you to all the players for making this season so enjoyable and to everyone who has read these reports and I hope you have enjoyed them and will come back next season to see how the club fares. Thank you again.


Charlbury 30 points