Sat 26th Aug Charlbury 2nd vs Faringdon 2nd

Faringdon 2nd 209-5 (45 overs)


Charlbury 2nd 210-8 (40 overs)

Richard Nash 31

Tom Eaton 66

Dean Warner-Carter 39


Charlbury travelled to Faringdon for their division 6 clash and Faringdon batted first. Paul Quibell-Smith and Matt opened the bowling for Charlbury. Early on Charlbury got a wicket when Matt found the edge of the bat and one batsman was out caught. Matt had dropped into a great line and length and was causing some problems for the batsmen. Paul too had dropped into a good line and length and was getting the ball to move around a bit. The pitch was fairly flat and the outfield quick and this meant that the batsmen got full value for their shots. Slowly the runs started to come and as both batsmen grew in confidence then they began to play more shots. Charlbury were going to need to take more wickets if they were to keep the scoring in check. Matt finished his allotted seven over spell and so Ellie entered the attack to try and find the breakthrough. Paul Jenkins then replaced Paul Quibell-Smith at the other end as Charlbury continued to change things around in their search for wickets. Both of the new bowlers quickly dropped into great lines and lengths and slowed the scoring rate down. Ellie was bowling a fantastic spell, getting the batsmen to play and miss several times. Charlbury were fielding well, with many diving stops. The runs continued to come and Charlbury were now getting desperate to get that second wicket. Then Paul got the breakthrough when he had the other opening batsman caught. The batsmen were running well and managing to hit the odd boundary as well and the score was still rising quicker than Charlbury would have liked, even with a new batsman at the crease. The score had passed the hundred mark and with only a couple of wickets down Faringdon now had a base from which to accelerate from as the overs began to run out. Paul was bowling a great spell, using his varieties of speed and movement to cause problems for all of the batsmen. Paul had now finished his spell and so Dean entered the attack. Dean quickly dropped into a good line and length and found a little bit of turn off the wicket. The batsmen were now running hard for every run. Dean quickly grabbed a wicket when one batsman tried to play a big shot at one of his deliveries only to miss it and get bowled. The new batsman was not there too long either as a mix-up in the running after some great fielding saw him stranded and run out. Ellie had now finished her twelve over spell and so Paul Quibell-Smith re-entered the attack. The new batman went on the offensive from the first ball and hit several boundaries as the score started to rise quickly in the closing overs. Charlbury were still bowling well, but the batsman was in form and hit the ball everywhere. Last ball of the innings and Paul managed to bowl one batsman as Faringdon ended their innings on 209-5.


Charlbury would have to bat well if they were to win. Paul Quibell-Smith and Richard opened the batting for Charlbury. Things did not go well for Charlbury early on as Paul was quickly bowled. Andy now came to the crease, but was wrapped on the pads early on and given out adjudged LBW. Neil now entered the fray and he and Richard had to try and re-build the innings. Both batsmen started off slowly, just looking for a few singles to get the innings moving, but not taking any risks. Richard was looking in good form as he stroked the ball around on both sides of the wicket. Neil too was looking good as he hit a couple of early boundary fours. Charlbury were also being helped by a few extras being bowled early on. Charlbury were up with the required rate and were starting to put some pressure on the Faringdon bowlers. A change in the bowling was made as Faringdon now began to search for wickets to try and keep the score down. Both players were batting well, pushing the ball around for singles and picking up the odd boundary. Then disaster struck as Neil hit out at one and was caught. Tom Eaton now arrived at the wicket and looked in good form from the off as he was quickly away with a single. Charlbury were running hard for every run to try and keep the pressure on the fielding side and with the outfield still quick they were able to get full value for their shots. The new bowler had now settled into a good line and length and this slowed the run rate a bit as Faringdon started to try and put some pressure back on the batsmen. The hundred mark had been passed and Charlbury were still very much in the hunt. The other opening bowler had now finished his allotted twelve over spell and a new bowler came into the attack. Tom went straight on the offensive and smashed him for a couple of fours. Then disaster struck as Tom called for a quick single, but some quick fielding saw the ball thrown to the keepers end and Richard just failing to make his ground and run out for a great 31. Martin now entered the fray, but was not there too long as he was wrapped on the pads and given out LBW. Dean now entered the fray. Tom hit another boundary to bring up a well deserved fifty and keep all the pressure on the fielding side. Tom continued to attack hard, but this caused his undoing as he went for one big shot too many and was caught fro a fabulous 66. Matt now entered the fray as Faringdon changed their bowling around again. Dean was looking good at the crease as he pushed the ball around just looking to keep the scoreboard ticking over as Charlbury were by now well ahead of the asking rate. Matt his a four, but in trying to repeat the act he was caught meaning Abi had to come to the wicket. Not many wickets left, but Charlbury were well ahead of the rate and if they could just bat the overs then they would surely win. Dean hit a couple of boundaries to settle the nerves a bit. Abi was looking composed at the crease as she just defended the good deliveries and then looked for a single whenever possible to get Dean back on strike. Then with the victory line in sight disaster struck as dean miss-hit one and was caught for a great 39. Ellie now entered the fray. Slowly Abi and Ellie pushed and nurdled Charlbury over the 200 mark and with five overs left they winning runs were hit and Charlbury had won by two wickets.


A great win for the seconds built on an all round bowling and fielding display and then some good batting from Richard, Tom and Dean ensured Charlbury victory – well played lads and lasses.


Charlbury 2nd 27 points