Sat 12th Aug Charlbury vs Faringdon

Charlbury 72 (27.3 overs)


Faringdon 73-1 (13 overs)


Charlbury lost the toss and were asked to bat first. Tom Nash and Graham opened the batting for Charlbury, but things did not go well. In the first couple of overs both players looked comfortable and pushed a few runs around, then disaster struck. In the third over Tom missed one that just moved a bit off the seam and was bowled. Ashley now came to the crease and was quickly off and going with a lovely boundary four thru the covers. Next over Graham edged one to the wicket-keeper and was caught meaning Ben had to make an early appearance at the wicket. The bowlers had now settled into a great line and length and all the batsmen were finding it tough to get the ball away for even a single. Things kept on going downhill for Charlbury as in the fifth over Ashley miss-hit one and the ball flew straight into a fielder’s hands. Stuart now arrived at the crease to try and re-build the innings. Next over Ben edged one to the keeper and was caught meaning Steve had to come to the crease. Last ball of the sixth over and Steve edged one onto his thigh pad and the ball bounced down and hit the stumps and he was bowled leaving Charlbury in deep trouble at 10-5. Josh had now arrived at the crease and he and Stuart now just tried to see the opening bowlers off and then see what else Faringdon had to bowl. Both batsmen took things steady, pushing the odd single and two around. Then disaster struck again. Last ball of the eleventh over and Stuart got one that just moved away from him, he missed the ball and was bowled. Ian now entered the fray. Next over Ian left one that moved back into him and he was bowled. Ollie now joined his captain at the crease. Faringdon now changed their bowling around as one of the opening bowlers left the attack. Josh smashed a delivery to the boundary for four as Charlbury reached 30-7 off 13 overs. Josh was batting well, keeping out the many good deliveries while pushing singles and twos whenever he could. A couple of overs later Josh flicked one off his legs and to the boundary for four. Ollie was looking comfortable at the wicket, pushing the odd single around to give Josh the strike while also defending well. Another change in the bowling was then made as the first change came off and a spinner entered the attack. Both batsmen were just trying to stay there and give Charlbury some sort of total to bowl at. After twenty overs Charlbury had reached 46-7. The overs were ticking by with Charlbury pushing the odd single and two around. The opening bowler then finished his allotted twelve over spell. First ball of the next over the spinner bowled a full toss, Ollie hit out at the ball, but to his horror it flew straight to a fielder and was caught. Barry now entered the fray and quickly hit the spinner to the boundary for four. Josh was still looking good at the crease, pushing the ball around for quick ones and hard run twos. A new bowler now came on and he was another spinner. Last ball of his first over he wrapped Josh on the pads and he was given out adjudged LBW for a well made 28. Jake now entered the fray. Barry hit a couple of runs, but then he hit the ball back over the bowler’s head only to see a fielder run hard and taking a diving catch just off the ground to end the Charlbury innings on 72.


Charlbury were going to have to bowl out of their skins to get anything from this game. Jake and Ian opened the bowling. The batsmen were not going to wait around for things to happen and attacked hard from the off. A couple of fours were hit in the first over and more runs pushed in the next. Jake’s hamstring felt a bit tight so he left the attack and Ollie entered it. The batsmen continued to attack hard, pouncing on anything that was short or that they felt was loose in anyway. Then Charlbury got the breakthrough they needed when Ian found the edge of the bat and Steve took the catch. Faringdon were 25-1 off 4 overs. The batsmen continued to attack hard and put all of the pressure onto the fielding side. Charlbury were trying hard and created a couple of chances, but they just could not stem the flow of runs. After nine overs Faringdon had raced onto 53-1 and Charlbury were now desperate to take another wicket. Ollie came out of the attack and Barry entered it as Charlbury searched for that vital breakthrough, but it was not forthcoming. Try as they might they just could not get the breakthrough and last ball of the 13th over Faringdon hit the winning runs.


Charlbury 1 point