Sat 12th Aug Charlbury 2nd vs Kidlington 2nd

Charlbury 2nd 129-9 (45 overs)

Andy Glass 41


Kidlington 2nd 130-8 (32.2 overs)

Charlie Sinton 3-25


Charlbury travelled the short distance to Kidlington for their division 6 clash. Charlbury batted first so Charlie and Neil opened the batting. The Kidlington bowlers quickly settled into a very good line and length and from the off runs were hard to come by. The ball was also doing a bit off the pitch and this was making things even tougher for the batsmen. Early on Charlie missed a delivery and was bowled and so Andy now entered the fray. Neil was looking comfortable at the crease, defending the many good deliveries whilst also looking for the single whenever it was on offer. The scoring rate was slow as both batsmen just tried to get themselves in. Andy was looking good with the bat as he stroked the ball around, picking up ones and twos, but defending the many good deliveries. Then Neil was wrapped on the pads and given out adjudged LBW. Nik now joined Andy at the crease. Nik played a couple of early attacking shots as the scoreboard started to get moving a bit. One bowler in particular was hard to get away and he was bowling maiden after maiden. Andy then managed to find a boundary as he smashed one away for four. Both players ran hard when there was the opportunity for a run as it looked like every run might be vital. Slowly the score started to rise. The overs were ticking by and Charlbury were only just scoring faster than one an over and the plan seemed to be see the openers off and then see what was to come. Nik tried to hit out at one, but hit the ball straight to a fielder and was caught meaning Zak came to the wicket. Kidlington were backing their excellent bowling up with some good fielding which was making it even harder for Charlbury to score many runs. The running was hard for both players as they tried to up the run rate. Then Zak missed one and was bowled meaning Tim had to come to the crease. Both the opening bowlers had now nearly finished their allotted twelve over spells, but when Tim nicked one early on they had their fifth wicket between them. Dean now entered the fray. Dean and Andy saw off the opening bowlers and then waited to see what was to come. A couple of loose early deliveries were pounced upon by Andy as he slammed another couple of boundaries. The running as hard as the overs now began to run out as Charlbury now needed to push on hard if they were to set a defendable total. Then disaster struck as Dean missed one and was bowled. Paul now joined Andy at the crease. Paul took a few overs to get his eye in, but then he started to attack the bowling, pushing a few ones and twos around. Andy was by now playing more shots and the score was rising at the fastest it had all game. Just as it seemed Charlbury might reach a score they could defend Andy hit one in the air and was caught for a great 41. Ian now joined Paul at the crease for the final few overs. Charlbury had finally passed the hundred mark. Both players were running hard and a couple of boundaries were also hit as Charlbury pushed on hard. In the last over Paul was wrapped on the pads and given out adjudged LBW for a fine 29 meaning Kieran had to come to the crease. Last ball of the innings and a quick single was taken, but Kieran could not make his ground and was run out as Charlbury finished on 129-9.


Charlbury were going to have to bowl well if they were to defend their total. Zak and Kieran opened the bowling. A quick change in the bowling was made as Kieran came out of the attack and Tim entered it. Zak started off well, finding a good length and line and caused some problems for the batsmen. Tim dropped into his usual length and line and started to make things awkward for the batsmen. Slowly, as they got their eye in, the batsmen started to attack more and tried not to get bogged down like Charlbury had early on. A couple of early boundaries were hit as Kidlington made sure they were ahead of the required rate early on. Charlbury were going to need to take wickets if they were to keep the score down and defend their total, but none were forthcoming. Tim came out of the attack and Ellie entered it. Ellie dropped into a good length and line, but she too had no luck in making the vital breakthrough. A double change was then made as Zak and Ellie left the attack and Dean and Charlie entered it. The Kidlington batsmen were by now confidently playing their shots and this game would be over quickly if Charlbury did not start taking wickets. Finally Dean made the breakthrough when he clean bowled one batsman. Then in the next over Charlbury grabbed their second when Charlie clean bowled the new batsman. Charlbury were now back in the game and with both spinners bowling great spells it was now Kidlington’s turn to struggle scoring runs. In the next few overs the Kidlington batsmen contented themselves with just pushing the odd single or two and making sure they did not lose another quick wicket. Charlie then grabbed his second wicket when he bowled the other opening batsman, now Charlbury had their chance to try and gain an advantage. Both spinners were getting the ball to turn and bounce and this was causing problems for all of the batsmen as they had very little answer to it. The batsmen were now just trying to see the spinners off and hope they were still in front of the run rate when other bowers came on. Dean then grabbed his second wicket when he bowled a batsman to leave Kidlington four wickets down. Dean now came out of the attack and Zak re-entered it and Charlbury went for broke to try and bowl Kidlington out. Zak was quickly amongst the wickets when he bowled the new batsman. Charlbury now had a chance in this game, but Kidlington were edging closer and closer and were still way in front of the required rate. The overs ticked by and Kidlington edged closer to their target, but then Charlie grabbed his third wicket as he clean bowled another victim. A couple of overs later Zak had the new batsman caught and Charlbury might just win the game. A mix up in the running in the next over saw Ellie throw the ball to wicket-keeper Nik and a run out was completed as one batsman was left stranded half way down the wicket. Only two wickets left, but only a few runs needed for victory and plenty of overs left. A single was pushed and Kidlington held on for a two wicket victory.


Charlbury 2nd 6 points