Sat 22nd July Charlbury vs Great Horwood

Charlbury 145-5 (20 overs)

Stuart Atkins 66 not out


Charlbury won the toss and elected to bat first. With rain forecast for later in the day it was decided to start the match as a 25 overs a side. Tom Nash and Graham opened the batting for Charlbury. A couple of loose deliveries saw Charlbury off to a good start and with Graham smashing a boundary in the second over Charlbury were flying. The bowlers then began to find their length and line and run scoring began to become a little more difficult. Then in the fifth over disaster struck as Graham tried to break the shackles, missed the ball and was bowled meaning Bimalka had to come to the crease. Tom was batting well, defending the good ball, but on the look out for the quick single at every opportunity. After six overs Charlbury had reached 26-1. Bimalka started with intent and was quickly off the ,ark with a boundary four. Rain was by now in the air, but it was not much and certainly not enough to come off in. With a shortened game it meant that both batsmen had to be on the lookout for the single at every opportunity as runs looked to be at a premium. Bimalka was looking in good form from the off, pushing a few hard run twos and cracking another delivery to the boundary for four. After eight overs a change was made in the bowling . Tom cracked the new bowler to the boundary for four, but in trying to repeat the feat next over he hit the ball straight to a fielder and was caught. Stuart now entered the fray. Stuart had taken out Barry’s heavy bat and it showed from the off as he stroked the ball around for a few easy singles. After ten overs Charlbury had reached 52-2 and now were going to have to push on hard if they were to set a defendable total. The running was hard from both batsmen as they tried to capitalise on any slip in the field. The ones and twos were now starting to come quickly and with Stuart smashing two fours in one over the score started to rise quickly. Then disaster struck as Bimalka, after batting so well, tried to guide the ball, but instead hit it straight into the fielder’s hands and was caught for a well made 29. Josh now entered the fray. After 14 overs Charlbury were 87-3. Stuart had been batting well, looking to turn the strike round as much as possible. Then Stuart started to hit out. He smashed the new bowler back over his head for six and then when Horwood put a fielder there, he hit another miles over the boundary for a second six of the over. A change in the bowling was now forced as the opening bowler had bowled his allotted seven overs and so a spinner entered the attack. First ball Josh tried to smash him, but hit the ball straight to a close fielder and after a lot of juggling he finally managed to cling on to the ball and Josh was out. Barry now arrived at the crease. The other opening bowler now re-entered the attack in place of the first change bowler. Stuart took a look at the first ball and then launched the second back over his head for a huge six before taking a single. Barry then hit out at the bowler, but did not quite middle it and was caught on the boundary leaving Charlbury 115-5 off 17 overs. Ian now entered the fray. With the overs now running out fast and the rain starting to come down slightly heavier the running became even more rushed. The batsmen were almost playing tip and run as they pushed the ball around and ran for everything. Stuart then launched yet another big six to bring up a well deserved fifty and then followed it up with a hard run three. Ian was looking to get Stuart on strike whenever possible. In the 20th over singles were exchanged before Stuart hit his fifth big six of the day. The rain was now coming down heavier and it was decided that the players should leave the field.  After a break for tea and then a bit of a wait to see if the weather would clear up it was decided that the game should be abandoned.


Charlbury 8 points