Sat 10th June Charlbury vs Faringdon

Charlbury 130 (35.3 overs)

Ashley Rump 57


Faringdon 132-5 (23.1 overs)


Charlbury lost the toss and were asked to bat first. A windy day at Faringdon saw Charlbury batting first and so Tom Nash and Graham opened the batting. Second ball of the innings and Graham missed one only to be bowled meaning Ashley made an early arrival at the crease. An edge thru to the slips saw Ashley dropped as Charlbury finished the first over lucky to only be one wicket down. Ashley got things going in the third over when he drove one bowler to the boundary for four. The Faringdon bowlers had quickly dropped into a good line and length and were making things difficult for all of the batsmen. Ashley was looking in good touch as he stroked the ball around, pushing hard for runs when available, but also defending the many good deliveries bowled. Tom was looking solid at the crease, just looking to see off the opening bowlers. After ten overs Charlbury had reached 24-1. The eleventh over was a big one as first Ashley smashed one delivery to the boundary for four and then he launched another delivery back over the bowler’s head for a big six. Then disaster struck as in the next over Tom edged one and was caught in the slips. Ben now entered the fray and the bowling was changed from one end. Ashley hit two boundary fours thru the leg-side off the new bowler’s first over to keep the score moving along. Next over ben miss-hit one and the ball flew back to the bowler who took the catch and Charlbury were 46-3 off 14 overs. Nik now joined Ashley at the crease. Ashley was still looking in top form as he stroked the ball for another four. Another change in the bowling saw the other opening bowler come off and a spinner enter the attack. Ashley then drove another four to reach a well deserved fifty. He then followed this up with a massive six. Then disaster struck as next over he missed one from the spinner and was bowled for a great 57. After 20 overs Charlbury were 73-4 with Stuart coming out to join Nik at the crease. Both batsmen now just looked to push a few singles around, although Nik did flick one off his legs to the boundary for four. The first change bowler came off and one of the opening bowlers returned as Faringdon continued to look for wickets. Nik attempted to uppercut one from the opening bowler, but only succeeded in edging the ball to the keeper who took the catch. Josh now arrived at the wicket. The opening bowler now left the attack and a new bowler entered the attack. Stuart hammered a couple of boundaries to keep the scoreboard ticking over. Josh too hit a boundary. Then the spinner bowled a full toss and Stuart latched onto it, but with only one fielder in the deep he hit the ball straight to him,, with the strong wind holding the ball up long enough for the fielder to get under it. Barry now entered the fray as Charlbury reached 106-6 off 28 overs. Next over things got even worse for Charlbury as Josh missed one and was bowled meaning Jake now came to the crease. Barry hammered back to back fours powerfully to the boundary. Jake edged one off the spinner and the wicket-keeper took a good catch. Max now entered the fray. Next over Barry missed one and was bowled as Charlbury slipped to 125-9 off 33 overs. Ellie now came to the crease. Max smashed a four off the spinner. Then Ellie missed one and was bowled leaving Charlbury 130 all out.


Charlbury were going to have to bowl well if they were to defend their total. Jake and Stuart opened the bowling. Early on they both bowled well, getting the ball to move around and making both the batsmen play and miss several times. After five overs Faringdon were 20-0 and Charlbury were going to need early wickets if they were to put pressure on Faringdon. A couple of edges were found, but they either went wide of the slips or well over their heads. The runs kept on coming and no wickets fell, Charlbury were becoming desperate. Then Stuart bowled one with a bit more venom and the ball took off and hit one batsman on the side of the helmet, breaking the ear guard off. There was a delay in proceedings as the batsman looked to change helmets and was obviously a bit shaken up. On the re-start Jake came out of the attack and Max entered it. Half way thru Max’s first over the injured batsman decided to retire as he was still not feeling quite right. In Stuart’s next over Charlbury finally made the breakthrough. One batsman hit the ball on the leg-side and looked to run, but to his horror he had stepped back onto his stumps and was out hit wicket. In Stuart’s next over he grabbed another wicket when the new batsman could only hit the ball straight up in the air and Graham, fielding in close, took a great catch. Faringdon were 54-2 off 14 overs and if Charlbury could just keep taking wickets then they were in with a chance. The batsmen now started to fightback, running very hard for ones and twos and hitting several boundaries to put Faringdon firmly back in control. Chances were being created, but the ball just kept on eluding the fielders either by just clearing them or going just wide of them. Max then got in on the wickets when he clean bowled one batsman leaving Faringdon 100-3 off 19 overs. Charlbury were keeping the field in close¬† to try and take catches, but this was leaving the boundary open and several shots that went thru the field sped away for four. Max found an edge in his next over and this time a fantastic diving catch by Barry saw the fourth wicket fall (five if you count the retired hurt). Ashley came on in place of Stuart for an over to try and take a wicket and when he did not a double change was made with Jake and Stuart both re-entering the attack just from the opposite ends. The game was soon over as a couple more boundaries were hit and Faringdon had won by five wickets.


Charlbury 4 points