Sat 10th June Charlbury 2nd vs Shrivenham 1st

Shrivenham 1st 231-7 (45 overs)

Paul Jenkins 3-46


Charlbury 2nd 89 (24.5 overs)


Charlbury hosted Shrivenham on a blustery day. Shrivenham batted first and so Kieran and Matt opened the bowling form Charlbury. Things started well for Charlbury as early on they had one of the opening batsmen caught by Martin Grimsley off the Matt’s bowling. One of the opening batsman attacked from the off and found a few early boundaries. Matt had dropped into a good line and length and was making run scoring slightly more difficult for the batsmen. Kieran too was bowling a good spell, finding the edge and creating chances. Slowly the runs started to come so after ten overs a double change in the bowling was made with Paul and Charlie entering the attack. Both bowlers quickly dropped into good lines and lengths, but Charlbury were going to need to keep taking wickets if they were to keep the score down. One batsman continued to play attacking shots and was pushing the score along quicker than Charlbury wanted, while the other batsman was content to just push the ball around picking up singles and twos. The overs ticked by and the score continued to rise and Charlbury were starting to get desperate to break the partnership that was forming. Finally Charlbury got the breakthrough when one batsman hit the ball high into the air and the catch was taken off of Paul’s bowling. In his next over Paul grabbed another wicket when he wrapped the new batsman on the pads and he was given out LBW. Charlbury were back in the game, but the hard-hitting opener was still there and until they got him out Charlbury were going to be chasing a big score. Charlie was bowling a great spell, getting the ball to turn and bounce and causing some problems for all the batsmen. Paul too was bowling a great spell, using his variations of pace and seam movement to make run scoring more difficult. Charlie then got in on the act when one batsman danced down the wicket, missed the ball and wicket-keeper Rob whipped the bails off for a stumping leaving Shrivenham four wickets down. The overs were now starting to run out and so the batsmen began to attack more and run harder. Paul grabbed another wicket by way of a catch when the new batsman tried to hit him out of the ground, but found a fielder on the boundary and was caught. Paul now left the attacked and Ajit entered it as Charlbury continued to search for wickets. The batsmen were running hard for everything and with a few boundaries being hit the score was going up quickly. One batsman hit Charlie for a couple of boundaries, but he got his revenge when the batsman left his crease, missed the ball and quick as a flash Rob whipped the bails off for his second stumping of the afternoon. Charlie had now finished his allotted twelve over spell and so Matt re-entered the attack. Ajit then got the wicket Charlbury needed as he had the big hitting batsman caught¬†when he skied the ball. The last few over saw Shrivenham pushing the ball around and running for everything to eventually finish on 231-7.


Charlbury were going to have to bat well if they were to win the game. Charlie and Ajit opened the batting. The Shrivenham bowlers dropped into a good line and length from ball one and made run scoring difficult from the off. Charlie was looking comfortable as he pushed the ball around for a couple of singles. Ajit too was batting in his usual manner, defending the many good deliveries while trying to score off any that were slightly loose. Ajit was the first wicket to fall when he missed one and was bowled meaning Matt came to the crease. Both batsmen hit boundary fours to get the score moving along, but chasing down Shivenham’s total was going to be hard work. Slowly the runs started to come and Charlbury seemed to be coming into the game, but then disaster struck. Charlie was wrapped on the pads and given out LBW. Debutant Uday now arrived at the crease, but was not there too long as he too was wrapped on the pads and given out LBW leaving Charlbury three wickets down. Martin Grimsley now arrived at the crease to try and repair some of ¬†the damage. Matt edged one and was caught, bringing Rob to the wicket. Charlbury were in trouble and were going to struggle to reach their target with four wickets down so early on. Rob cracked an early boundary four and Martin did likewise as the sore started to move upwards again. Rob tried to hit out again, but edged the ball and was caught. Jon now strode to the crease to join Martin. The two batsmen now just saw off a couple of overs, just trying to make sure no more wickets fell. Jon hit a boundary to try and break the shackles. Just as it looked like Charlbury might have seen the worst off disaster struck again. Martin called for a quick single, but Jon sent him back and before he could get back in Martin was run out. Robert now arrived at the crease. A change in the bowling was made from one end. The new bowler quickly dropped into a good line and length and with so many wickets down Charlbury could not take any chances. Robert hit one straight to a fielder and was caught bringing Martin Scull to the crease. Jon hit out a bit more and with some hard running the score started to mount again. Martin hit a boundary as did Jon, but Charlbury were by now just looking to pick up as many bonus points as they could. Jon continued to hit out and this ended up being his downfall as he was caught for a well made 25. Kieran now entered the fray and was quickly off the mark with a single. Shrivenham were still bowling and fielding well. Kieran missed one and was bowled which brought last man Paul to the wicket. Paul hit an early four, but when he was wrapped on the pads and given out adjudged LBW then Charlbury were all out for 89.


Charlbury 2nd 4 points