Sat 3rd June Charlbury vs Oxenford

Charlbury 187 (41 overs)

Stuart Atkins 67


Oxenford 164-9 (45 overs)

Charlie Sinton 3-44


Charlbury won the toss and elected to bat first. Tom Nash and Graham opened the batting for Charlbury. The Oxenford bowlers quickly dropped into a great line and length and from the off both batsmen found the ball difficult to get away. In the third over Graham missed one and was bowled and so Ajit arrived at the crease. Ajit was quickly off the mark by pushing a ball away thru the infield and running hard for a two. Tom was also running hard for all of his runs as Charlbury tried to keep turning the scoreboard over. Oxenford were bowling and fielding well and both batsmen were struggling to get the ball away for more than a single. Then disaster struck as one delivery just moved away from Ajit a touch, the ball hit the edge of the bat and a good catch was taken. Steve now arrived at the crease. In the next over Tom pushed the ball away for a two and then a couple of balls later a second two. The second two caused problems as Steve hurt his back while running and had to retire hurt. Josh now arrived at the crease. After ten overs Charlbury were 18-2 and with Steve out injured effectively for three wickets. A change in the bowling was now made from one end and this started to release the shackles a bit. Josh hit the first boundary of the innings with a powerful shot and then ran a couple of twos. Next over Tom missed one and was bowled meaning Stuart had to come to the crease. The new bowler then got his run up wrong and bowled several no-balls allowing Charlbury to hit some of them away, including another boundary for Josh. A double change in the bowling was made as Oxenford brought on their two left arm spinners. In the first over of one of the spinners Josh launched him thru the off-side and over the boundary for six, but disaster struck last ball when he missed a delivery and was bowled for a well made 26. Ian now joined Stuart at the crease. Stuart was going along quietly, just pushing a few singles and twos around and then defending the many good deliveries. Stuart drove one fromĀ one spinner to the boundary for four and then followed it up by smashing it back over his head for a big six. After twenty overs Charlbury had reached 72-4. Ian was looking good with the bat, stroking the ball around for singles and hard run twos. The running from both players was hard as they sought to increase the run rate. Stuart clattered another four before Ian got in on the act and also smashed a spinner to the boundary. A change in the bowling was now made as one of the spinners made way for one of the opening bowlers and then a couple of overs later the other opening bowler returned to the attack as Oxenford started to search desperately for wickets. The extra pace on the ball seemed to suit both batsmen and both of them found a couple of boundaries. Stuart was now staring to look in top form as he stroked the ball around on both sides of the wicket. Then disaster struck as Ian missed one and was bowled for a good 23 leaving Charlbury 126-5 off 30 overs. Charlie now entered the fray. Stuart hammered another delivery to the boundary for four to bring up a well deserved fifty. The overs were now starting to run out and Charlbury needed to get a move on to set a defendable total. Both batsmen were now running hard for everything, trying to turn ones into twos. Charlie missed one and was bowled bringing Dean to the crease, but he was not there long as he was wrapped on the pads and given out adjudged LBW. 146-7 off 35 overs and Barry now strode to the crease. A change of bowling was also made as one of the opening bowlers had now finished his allotted twelve over spell and so the first change came back on. Lots of twos were now being run as the scoring rate started to increase. Then disaster struck as Stuart just prodded at one and hit the ball straight to a fielder and was caught for a great 67. Jake now came to the crease. Barry now started to attack hard and found a couple of boundary fours. Jake just pushed the ball around to try and get Barry back on strike. Barry then hit a monster six over the old pavilion and then followed it up with a hard hit four. Last ball of the over Barry edged the ball onto his stumps and was out for a hard hit 24 leaving Charlbury 187 all out.


Charlbury were going to have to bowl well if they were to defend their total. Rob Collard had arrived and became the twelfth man in place of Steve. Jake and Ian opened the bowling for Charlbury and got them off to a reasonable start. The batsmen attacked in the first couple of over, but when the Charlbury bowlers found their length and line the scoring started to dry up. After ten over Oxenford had reached 20-0 and although the score was being kept down Charlbury needed wickets to ensure the pressure stayed on the batting side. Jake was bowling a great spell, getting the ball to nip around and causing some problems for the batsmen. Ian too was bowling a great spell with his added pace and movement. Finally the first wicket came when Ian found a way thru one batsman’s defences and clean bowled him. Charlbury were backing their great bowling display up with a fine fielding display, throwing themselves around to stop many runs from being scored. Jake then came out of the attack and was replaced by Charlie. Next over Ian wrapped a batsman on the pads and he was given out adjudged LBW. Charlie quickly dropped into a good line and length and kept up the good work started by the opening bowlers. After 22 overs Oxenford had reached 56-2 and were going to have to start attacking more if they were to win the game. Ian finished his twelve over spell and so Stuart entered the attack. Stuart was quickly on the mark and with his extra pace the batsmen found him a difficult proposition. The run scoring was slow as Charlbury bowled and fielded well, keeping the pressure on the batsmen. One batsman tried to blast Charlie for a six, but hit the ball high into the air, Josh got underneath it and took a great catch. In his next over Charlie wrapped a batsman on the pads and he was given out adjudged LBW leaving Oxenford 84-4 off 31 overs. The batsmen were starting to try and run harder for every run and were throwing the bat a lot more, but Charlbury were still in control. Then Charlbury were gifted a wicket. The batsman missed the ball off Stuart, but stand-in keeper Barry dropped it and it went behind him, The batsman thought there was a run on and so set off before being sent back by his partner. Barry quick as a flash gathered the ball and threw the stumps down and the batsman was run out. Next over another attempted big hit off Charlie could only find Jake in the deep and he gratefully took the catch. Stuart then got in on the act when he wrapped a batsman on the pads and he was given out LBW leaving Oxenford 119-7 off forty overs. Charlie had finished his great twelve over spell and so Jake re-entered the attack. One batsman now decided to counter attack and hard. He hammered a huge six off Stuart before doing the same to Jake. He then hit one straight back to Jake, but his partner was backing up too far and Jake fielded the ball and threw the stumps down to run him out. After 43 overs Oxenford were 146-8 needing an improbable 42 runs to win off two overs. The hard hitting batsman attacked hard and hit Stuart for another big six, but in doing so injured his shoulder. 32 runs from the last over, bowled by Jake and it looked to be on when the hard-hitter smashed another big six, but when he missed the next ball he retired hurt as his shoulder was causing him too much pain. A couple more singles were taken as Charlbury won the game by 23 runs.


A great win for the lads built on a fabulous knock by Stuart backed up by Josh, Ian and Barry and then a great bowling and fielding display saw Charlbury home – well played lads.


Charlbury 28 points