Sat 13th Aug Charlbury vs Great Horwood

Great Horwood 203-3 (45 overs)


Charlbury 149 (39.5 overs)


Charlbury won the toss and on a good looking wicket decided to field first. Jake and Stuart opened the bowling and got Charlbury off to a reasonable start. Both bowlers dropped straight into a great line and length from the first ball and made the Horwood play and miss several times. The outfield was quick and any shot that beat the infield would fly to the boundary for four. After eight overs Horwood had reached 21-0. Jake was bowling a great spell, getting the ball to move away from the batsmen consistently which in turn made the batsmen chase after the ball. Stuart too was bowling a great spell, getting some lift and movement with the ball, but unfortunately for Charlbury no wickets had fallen. Charlbury were backing their bowlers up with some great fielding, chasing every ball to the boundary and diving everywhere just trying to stop any quick singles from being taken. The overs ticked by and still no wicket and after 16 overs Horwood had reached 47-0. Charlbury were going to need wickets if they were to ensure that Horwood did not build too good a platform to start an assault on the bowling. Stuart left the attack and Barry entered it. Barry’s first over was a bit off, but the rest of his spell was on the button, but still Charlbury could not make the breakthrough. Charlbury were still bowling well and keeping the runs right down. Jake finished his great twelve over spell going for a mere 39 runs and so Bimalka entered the attack. Barry bowled one more over and then Hasula replaced him in the attack. The batsmen were still playing cautiously, possibly just getting ready for an assault on the bowling in the last few overs. After 27 overs Horwood had reached 97-0 and Charlbury were now getting desperate for a wicket. finally it came when one batsman cut the ball straight at Stuart and he gratefully took the catch. Bimalka was bowling a great spell, giving away hardly any runs and causing some problems for all the batsmen. Hasula too was bowling a good spell, using his variations of pace and spin to try and get the batsmen out. The runs continued to come despite the good fielding and bowling display. After 35 overs Horwood had reached 134-1 and now with the overs ticking out the batsmen began to run harder, picking up quick singles whenever they could. Finally the second wicket fell when one batsman missed one of Hasula’s deliveries and was bowled. A change in the bowling was now made as Hasula came out of the attack to be replaced by Stuart and Hasula then replaced Bimalka. The batsmen were now throwing the bat at everything and running hard for lots of quick singles. The runs kept on coming as the field was spread to try and stop the boundaries. Stuart then got a wicket when the opening batsman edged the ball and Alex, behind the stumps, took a good catch. Horwood finished their innings on 203-3.


Charlbury were going to have to bat well if they were to win the game and so Tom Nash and Graham opened the batting. Graham got off to his customary start, hammering the first delivery of the innings to the boundary for four. Tom started off well, defending the good deliveries and looking to score off of anything else. Graham was batting in a more controlled manner, playing very defensively to the good deliveries, but hitting anything loose hard to the boundary. In the fourth over Graham smashed three fours in four balls to take Charlbury to 21-0. Tom then played a lovely drive thru the leg-side to the boundary for four. The outfield was still quick and Horwood put a couple of fielders in the deep to try and counteract the Charlbury boundaries. The Horwood bowlers were bowling many good deliveries, but both batsmen were finding ways to score. Then disaster struck as Tom missed one and was clean bowled. Alex now entered the fray. He was quickly off the mark, playing a sweet drive back passed the bowler for four. Then disaster struck as one stayed low, Alex missed it and was bowled. Barry now came to the crease. Graham was still batting well, stroking around a few ones, but also defending well against the good deliveries. After 14 overs Charlbury had reached 58-2 and Horwood made a double change in the bowling. A spinner came into the attack and this was to Barry’s liking as first he smashed him for four and then he hit him for a massive straight six. Charlbury were now putting all the pressure on the bowlers as both batsmen started to accelerate the innings. Barry pulled another delivery from the spinner to the boundary for four, while Graham did the same to the bowler at the other end. Graham hit another four and reached a well deserved fifty. Then one delivery kept low and Barry missed it and was bowled for a well hit 19. Stuart now joined his brother at the wicket. Both batsmen began by running hard for everything to make sure the pressure was kept on the fielding side and with a couple of boundaries hit as well Charlbury were still up with the required rate. Then disaster struck as Graham popped one delivery straight back to the spinner and was caught for a great 66. Josh now entered the fray. Both batsmen now just looked to push a few ones and twos around as the hundred mark was passed. After 26 overs Charlbury were still looking good at 113-4. Next over things started to go wrong as first Stuart hit one straight to a fielder and was caught. Tom Eaton now arrived at the crease. A couple of balls later a mix-up in the calling saw Josh run out to a direct hit and Charlbury were now in trouble. Hasula now entered the fray. Tom and Hasula kept trying to pressure the fielding side with some quick singles and a boundary for from Tom. Tom then tried to launch one bowler back over his head for six, but did not quite catch it right and the mid-off took a steepling catch. Rob now came to the crease. After 31 overs Charlbury were 120-7 and were now struggling. Hasula popped one straight back at the spinner and was caught meaning Bimalka came to the crease. Rob smashed a delivery to the boundary to give Charlbury some hope. Next ball he edged one and was caught by the wicket-keeper. Jake now came to the crease. Jake and Bimalka played the ball around to try and pick up another point. Jake hammered a boundary four back over the spinner’s head. A double change in the bowling was now made as both bowlers had finished their allotted twelve over spells and the opening bowlers came back into the attack. Bimalka smashed one of them to the boundary for four and then Jake did likewise at the other. Next ball Jake tried to play a cut shot, but hit the ball straight o the fielder and was caught leaving Charlbury 149 all out.


Charlbury 4 points